Is Forex Trading Scam?

Foreign Exchange Market also known as Currency Market, FX Market or Forex is the largest financial market in the world with a daily turnover more than $4 trillion.

Traders used to trade in this market via phone a long time ago. Currently, globalisation and technological innovation have made foreign exchange so easy that with a simple click on the computers, trading can be completed regardless of distance. However, this technology and the internet allowed a number of scam forex brokers to take advantage of new traders.

It’s also very important to get a lot of good training and practice before you start trading live. Forex trading is not only about knowing all jargons and black and whites of the Forex, also risk management and psychology of trading need to be learnt.

Unfortunately, almost 90% of new traders loose their money in a few month. Therefore, education and choosing the proper FX broker is the key for your success in this market.

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