Ali Hashemifar is a banking and finance professional with vast experience in the field of financial services, a knack for creative problem solving, and an impressive set of formal qualifications.

With a B.Sc. in Economics, an M.Sc. in Banking and Finance from the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis from Queen’s University in Canada, Ali is able to leverage all his financial know-how to the benefit of his clients, and to equip them with all the information necessary for them to make well-informed, advantageous decisions. Ali always takes up any opportunity to learn more and stay up-to-date on all the latest developments in the world of finance; his recent additional formal qualifications include certifications in “Regulation and Limited Advice”, “Lending Criteria and Structures”, as well as “Personal Risk.”

Starting out his career in financial services, Ali was mostly involved in the Foreign Exchange Market, which is now one of his areas of expertise. Ali has also had extensive experience in the AML/CFT Compliance programme, and has been a member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists since 2014. As a Registered Finacial Adviser from 2014 to 2019, Ali has helped countless clients to make the right choices regarding their mortgages and various insurance packages, including life insurance.

One of Ali’s proudest achievements is his book Fixed or Variable Spread Broker?, which was published in 2012 and is now available from major book outlets such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In the book Ali discusses the differences between fixed and variable spread brokers and helps the average layperson understand how to make the difficult choice between the two.

Apart from reading and writing, in his free time, Ali enjoys playing billiards, backgammon, and following up on various motor-sports. He also takes a keen interest in different languages and is currently fluent English and Persian, and has a good command of conversational Turkish. Among his many other interests, Ali particularly enjoys honing in on his HTML, CSS and web-designing skills;

Ali is not only an invaluable asset to any financial operation, but is also a friendly and approachable person who takes on any challenge with a positive attitude!

August 21, 2012
by Ali Hashemifar

An Empirical Analysis of Spread for Two Types of FOREX Brokers

There are many FOREX brokers in the market and it makes the decision of choosing the right broker very difficult. For traders, the spread between buy and sell price is one of the most important factors to minimise the cost of exchange. There are two different main types of brokers in terms of bid-ask spread. Some offer fixed spread and others offer variable spread for exchange of currency pairs. Now, the big question is: Which one is better? There has been uncertainty among traders whether fixed spread or variable spread brokers offer the lower bid-ask spread and as a result the lower cost of transaction. This book makes an empirical analysis of spread for these two types of brokers. Additionally, liquidity features of currency pairs have a significant role in exchange of currency; That is, traders can turn the more liquid currency pairs into cash easier. Therefore, it is a good idea to know which currency pair is the most liquid.